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Skies III
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Always Have Beautiful Skies... With our new Skies III. 100 dramatic skies that add drama and inspiration to any image with a dull sky.

• A quick & easy way to replace a dull blown out sky
• Takes the worry out of balancing your exposure for overcast or hot sunny skies
• Makes one star reject images with ordinary cloudless skies, into four star keepers
• Easy enough for a PhotoShop novice, yet robust enough for a professional
• The perfect tool for Photographers, Designers, Art Directors even Amateurs who work and play in PhotoShop

All New Skies III is comprised of 100 high resolution, 300 dpi, 5616 Pixels wide skies, heights vary
            - 5 Clear Blues
            - 20 High Clouds
            - 10 Ominous
            - 20 Sunset & Dawn
            - 15 Wispy
            - 10 Dramatic
            - 20 Puffys

- Skies III is compatible with any version of Photoshop & recent versions of Elements that can work with layers
- All LayerCake collections are compatible with Mac OS or Windows PCs

A full user tutorial  movie is included


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