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Introducing LayerCake’s new PhotoBoards.

We took all the work out of compositing, so in a click...
you can make Absolute Magic!

Creating amazing composites no longer requires being a Photoshop Zen Master or understanding the mind numbing process of making cutouts. We do all the work for you, creating eye popping fully assembled studios that you can customize with your eyes closed!

• About StudioMagic PhotoBoards

• 30 / High-Res, 300 dpi, @ 11” X 14”
• Make eye-popping images in minutes
• Fully assembled, just add your subjects
• Bonus accent layers, like spot lights, birds, trees, moon etc.
• "EasySelect” channels for clean one-click placement of backgrounds and pop-outs
 • Easily customized with your own backgrounds and subjects
• Great fun for any kind of portrait
• There is nothing else like them
• It's a look that differentiates you
• Themes include: Sports, Children's, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Rt. 66, Beach, Amusement parks, Urban City Scapes, Highway & Cars, Fun, Edgy & Cool.

• Important Compatibility

- PhotoBoards work with any version of Photoshop & recent versions of Elements
- All LayerCake collections are compatible with Mac OS or Windows PCs

• Watch tutorials

• See what's in the collection

• See the StudioMagic I Pro-Panel

• Save money when you purchase the StudioMagic Pro-Panel Bundle

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