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1K Background Blowout including Americana!
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One Thousand high-resolution digital backgrounds for every occasion.


1000, 300 dpi 11” X 14” backgrounds.
Subjects include; Abstract, Disco, Patterns, Flowers, Trains, Black & Whites, Wood & Bark, Granite, Winter, Sports, Trees & Leaves, Celebration, Birds & Animals, Masterpieces, Wedding, Under the Sea and Water, Vintage Airplanes, Water lilies, Fireworks and a lot more. Each can be re-sized or cropped to fit any custom mat size or used as digital backgrounds.

180 actions & 187 styles pallets for building perfect portraits.
One click portrait matts, dynamic image filters, canvas wraps, studio collateral templates for brochures, business cards, zed cards, DVD Jewel cases, everything you need to promote your business. A 189 styles palette for coloring typography, monograms, dingbats, and high school varsity letters that are also included. It also includes 50 museum quality frames.

How large are the files?
There are 11 large fles to download, each in the 900mb + range. If you have a slow internet connection, purchase DVDs for an additional $10 in our shopping cart.

Can I buy this some other time?
Nope this is a once-a-year Summer Sale! You will never see it at this price anywhere and you will never see it in our store at this price after the sale.

Important Compatibility
• LayerCake Backgrounds and action sets work with any version of Photoshop and recent versions Elements that can run actions
• Compatible with Mac OS or Windows PCs
• Backgrounds can be used with any application that opens a jpeg

• Clict to see all the 1k Backgrounds!

• Watch the Buddy Actions Tutorials!

People who love LayerCake backgrounds, use StudioMagic-1 for easy Cutouts, making realistic Shadows and Painting with Light! People who love StudioMagic-1 go crazy for the one-click compositing features of StudioMagic-2

Watch StudioMagic-1 WOW movie

Watch StudioMagic-1 Tutorials and Installation

See StudioMagic-1 Features:

See StudioMagic-2 Features:

See StudioMagic Bundles

*Download StudioMagic 1 New Installer for CC 2015

*StudioMagic I & StudioMagic II Differences

StudioMagic I & II are sister suites. They operate independently, but are easily docked together in Photoshop to use in a seamless workflow. They were designed to handle two important functions in compositing, initial image preparation and image assembly and enhancement. If StudioMagic I is the cake, StudioMagic II is the icing.

SM I: CutOut. ShadowCaster. LightBrush.

For prepping your subjects for placement into a new composite. CutOut easily removes your subject from it’s original background, it’s also used for removal and sky replacement. ShadowCaster is for creating a realistic shadow on your subject that matches the lighting in the new composite. LightBrush is for focusing attention on your subject once placed in the new composite.

SM II : Enviro. HyperZap. LightingEffex. Reflections. Compositor.

For enhancing the new composite that includes your subject. SM II changes entire seasons and daylight to sunset. Creates mirror and water reflections. Has a library of one-click accent images like birds, clouds, moons and rainbows. Can create natural and man-made lighting effects and adds punch to images that you want to make jump off the page.


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