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Introducing StudioMagic PhotoStudios.
A complete photo studio, on your desktop!
Change lighting, change combinations of  floors and walls, change backdrops & scenery, even create new backdrops of your own!
Studio shoots can be over-the-top expensive! Then there’s the cost of lighting, backdrops, assistants and lets not forget, the studio itself! With our new StudioMagic PhotoStudios, you can easily create the look of a high-end studio, lights and all, right on your desktop!
What's in the box!
• 40 high-res walls & floors for making hundreds of different studio combinations
• Backdrop stands, backdrops and scenery, that you can customize and added with a click
• 30 high-res studio backdrops with interesting patterns and subtle textures.
• 30 high-res scenery backdrops with formals, ocean, sports, landscape, Hollywood, holidays, winter and Las Vegas 
•  The StudioMagic BackDrop Maker, for using,your own images to make custom backdrops 
• 8 Pre-made studio lighting setups with 20 customizable studio lights. Truss lighting, soft boxes,egg crate lights, strobe heads, beauty dishes and umbrellas.
• Comes with a full set of toutorials
Who are PhotoStudios for?
• For professional photographers, Photoshop artists and hobbyists. 
What’s cool about PhotoStudios
• Creating a studio look without a studio!
• Fast and easy to learn and use
• Make eye-popping images in minutes
• Fully assembled, just add your subjects
• "EasySelect” channels for clean one-click placement of backdrops & subjects 
• Creating must-have high-school senior images
• Creating bridal images not seen in any album
• Creating kids images that make you smile
• For having just plane fun in PhotoShop
• There is nothing else like them. Nothing! 
The StudioMagic Pro-Panel is the perfect accent to PhotoStudios
The only “One-Click” tool for Fast & Easy CutOuts, making Realistic Shadows and Painting with Light 
• PhotoStudios work with ANY version of Photoshop & recent versions of Elements
• The StudioMagic Pro-Panel is “currently” compatible with CS5, CS6 and Creative Cloud
• All LayerCake collections are compatible with Mac OS or Windows PCs
• Novice PhotoShop skills and required experience using layers is a plus


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