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ValueSkys Ominous
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ValueSky Ominous

100 Awe-Inspiring Replacement Skies!
Brilliant affordable skies for replacing your dull or blown-out ones. All are high-resolution, 300 dpi, in pixle widths from 2500 pixels to 15000 pixels

Who are LayerCake Skies for?
• Wedding photographers who want to make their exterior shots more salable
• Art & landscape photographers, to add that dramatic sky you just can’t get on location
• Print-comp makers to make their images stand out in competition and win awards
• Hobbyists for just plain fun in PhotoShop

-  LayerCake ValueSkies are compatible with any version of Photoshop, Elements or applications that can open JPEGs
-  All LayerCake ValueSky collections are compatible with Mac OS or Windows PCs
-  Novice PhotoShop skills and experience using layers is a plus

Click to see the landing page and all the skies

Click to see Sky Replacement Tutorials

The StudioMagic Pro-Panel the perfect tool for replacing skies(Click to learn more)
The StudioMagic Pro-Panel with ClutOut, ShadowCaster and LightBrush is currently compatible with CS5, CS6 and Creative Cloud. It is not compatible with CC 2014 until early next year.

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