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Peter Hernandez Virtual Sets
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*See the differences between StudioMagic I & II at the bottom

Peter Hernandez Virtual Sets!

Designed by LayerCake's Compositing Wizard!

The collection includes 12 fully layered, high-resolution composities. All have multiple layers that can be switched on or off to your liking. You can easily add your own subjects with the StudioMagic CutOut tool or redesign them to make your own signiture virtual sets. The sets include scenes for senior portraits, high-school sports, scifi, weddings, high fashion, and just plane fun.  They are compatable with any version of Photoshop or applications that can work with layers.

• Peter Hernandez, is LayerCake's award winning Photoshop artist and imagineer
• Includes 12 High-Resolution, 300 dpi virtual sets
• Themes include, sports, wedding, fashion, scifi, whimsical and imaginative
• Easy enough for amateurs time saving for pros
• Compatible with PC or Macintosh, and version of Photoshop

Peter Hernandez Virtual Sets are perfect for?
• Photoshop and print comp artists
• Professional photographers & studios, saves time on Photoshop tasks
• Professional designers and art directors
• Amateurs who enjoy playing with images


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*StudioMagic I & StudioMagic II Differences

StudioMagic I & II are sister suites. They operate independently, but are easily docked together in Photoshop to use in a seamless workflow. They were designed to handle two important functions in compositing, initial image preparation and image assembly and enhancement. If StudioMagic I is the cake, StudioMagic II is the icing.

SM I: CutOut. ShadowCaster. LightBrush.

For prepping your subjects for placement into a new composite. CutOut easily removes your subject from it’s original background, it’s also used for removal and sky replacement. ShadowCaster is for creating a realistic shadow on your subject that matches the lighting in the new composite. LightBrush is for focusing attention on your subject once placed in the new composite.

SM II : Enviro. HyperZap. LightingEffex. Reflections. Compositor.

For enhancing the new composite that includes your subject. SM II changes entire seasons and daylight to sunset. Creates mirror and water reflections. Has a library of one-click accent images like birds, clouds, moons and rainbows. Can create natural and man-made lighting effects and adds punch to images that you want to make jump off the page.  

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