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AllStar Baseball
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AllStar Baseball Virtual Studios. Created for building your team sports business or just having fun.

Our AllStar Virtual Studios unlike Pro-Sports Baseball, covers all league levels and age groups of players, from Little League to High School and up. There are 30 high-resolution studios with an average size of 4950 X 3300 PX at 300 dpi. Themes include “Sandlot” for kids, “Triple-A” for Babe Ruth and High school and “The Majors” for adult and semi-pro.

Virtual studios are multi-layered tiff files where you can place your own players in and adjust or add to existing light layers. The virtual studios are photographed at camera angles that make it easy to place a standard player shot in at the correct angle in order for it to look realistic.

If you’re not a Photoshop pro, StudioMagic collections make it easy enough to just have fun with your own kid’s photos. If you need an easy solution for cutting out your players, StudioMagic 1 with CutOut, ShadowCaster and LightBrush for Photoshop, does all the hard work for you and your pictures will look just like what the pros create in a few clicks of your mouse.


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To see how to work with Virtual Studios, watch a Pro-Sports video (Pro-Sports Virtual Studios are not part of this collection)

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